Preparing For Your Survey

Readying Your Vessel For Survey:

• The vessel's ship's papers, Federal Document or State Registration should be on board. 
• Vessel's operation manual and plans should be on board. 
• All equipment manuals (including engine manuals) should be on board. 
• Any records of the vessel's maintenance and repair history. 
• All equipment should be on vessel and connected (including all electronics and safety gear). 
• Vessel's storage batteries should be fully charged. 
• The vessel must be as fully commissioned as possible. 
• Gear/equipment associated with the vessel but not on board should be listed and presented to surveyor along with model, type and serial numbers (for their inclusion in the survey equipment list. 
• All lockers and drawers should be empty. 
• Water tanks should be “Pressed-Up” (full). 
• Fuel tanks should be “Pressed-Up” (full). 
• All loose gear should be removed from vessel's engine room. 
• Any item not part of the sale should be removed. 
• Sails (if any) should be made available in a dry, warm location where they can be laid out (if possible) and inspected. 
• All bilge voids should be dry and clean. 
• Bring known vessel problems to the attention of the attending surveyor. 
• Winter covers and frames should be fully removed from the vessel. 
• Ladder should be available for boarding the vessel. 
• The owner should consider a general cleaning and straightening out of gear aboard the vessel

Preparation For Seatrial:

• Has a Captain, crew or authorized person in charge been assigned to operate the vessel and show/demonstrate operation of equipment? 
• Fuel, water, engine fluids topped off. 
• All up to date safety gear on board. 
• All systems fully commissioned and ready to be tested. 
• Have dock trials been previously performed. 
• Bring known operational deficiencies to the attention of the attending surveyor. 
• All gear/equipment secured for sea. 
• Access made available to attending surveyor – engine compartment, electrical systems, bilge, etc. 

These helpful tips will assist you, the broker and/or the owner for preparing the vessel for survey. Good preparation helps facilitate the survey going forward smoothly!